We, The Baltimore County and Vicinity Ministerial Alliance, Inc. of the Ministers of various denominations, in order to foster a closer relationship to strengthen our spiritual and intellectual resources and to engender a spirit of common fellowship, do ordain and establish this Constitution and By-laws of the B.C.V.M.A. of Baltimore, Maryland and Vicinity.

Pastors & Ministers occupy a unique position in the life of the community; vested with duties and responsibilities that are distinctly their own, living in an age which is characterized by a current of social tendency flowing toward similar interests in world Fellowship.

For our culture, warmer fellowship, more faithful performance of out duties and for a more adequate bearing of our responsibilities, we the undersigned and our associates do form ourselves into this Alliance and do adopt for our supreme law the following constitution:

Our Purpose per Our Constitution is as follows: We are committed to...

    Bring into close fellowship Ministers of all denominations, to remember those who are sick and/or shut-in.
    To promote social and intellectual spiritual and economical improvement for more effective service in Kingdom building.

    To affiliate with other Christian Ministerial groups.


Galilee Baptist Church
2440 North Point Rd 
Baltimore, MD 21222

Tel: 410-288-4667 
Email: info@baltimorecountyvma.org

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